Get Moving

“REAL Learning, the kind that establishes meaningful connections for the brain, starts with MOVEMENT!” (Carla Hannaford).Movement includes all functions of the motor cortex, including (but not limited to) gross motor and fine motor function, visual function, and speaking. In response to a stimulus, the brain creates a context for experience to understand sensory input. Learning is not complete until there is some output, physical or personal expression of thought. We all know kids NEED to Move! Movement is not just important, it is essential to learning. Without sufficient arousal, children may be “unavailable” to learn.

Brain Breaks Yoga

Get Moving

Brain Breaks

We are familiar with the term, but the depth of what the Brain Breaks accomplish is what is truly desired. Movement helps kids achieve a “ready to learn” state.

Get Moving

Movement Enhanced Learning

Children learn best through a “multi-sensory” approach. The more senses involved in the learning process, the more engagement and brain activity occurs. Movement through learning activities helps with memory and retention.

Movement Learning

Get Moving

Read or Yell it Out

When most people think of movement, they think of the body. While body movement is an incredible asset and necessity to learning and development, movement refers to other areas controlled by the motor cortex (or area of the brain responsible for movement). These other areas include speech and vision. 

Get Moving

Vision Games

Our eyes are controlled by muscles. These muscles must be stimulated and developed or it can impact learning, and behavior.

Vision Games

Take A Moment

If you have a second to spare, we promise it will be worth it to watch the TED talk below from Sir Ken Robinson. If the message resonates, then you are in the right place. Let’s connect and talk about how we can change the world together…

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My Favorite PT

My name is Crystal and I work hard to make Physical Therapy FUN and engaging. I have been a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy for 12 years (although the kids guess my age to be anywhere from 8 to 80 years old!). My wholistic view on health is centered around providing the tools, resources and sometimes unconventional approaches that will truly impact and improve the lives of everyone around me. I have a wide range of experience and environments including professional athletes, dancers, Broadway performers, hospitals, children’s hospitals, post surgical, manual therapy, schools (of course) and many other settings I have been lucky enough to a part of as well.

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