Me Time

We All Need "Me Time"

There are many benefits to unstructured time and opportunities throughout the school day to incorporate this “Me Time”. This is a universally accepted “fact”. Research supports that solitude, and being comfortable with it, is crucial for children and adolescents, helping them to focus, be more creative and find emotional stability and peace in a natural mindfulness (Alana Kirk).

Outdoor Snack

Make Use of Snack Time

Make use of outside areas or flexible seating options in the classroom or another area in the building. Allow each child to choose their own activity. It could be reading, writing, coloring, play do, listening to music, or absolutely nothing (and that is perfectly ok).

Use Time In Between Work

Not all kids work at the same rate. Allow those who finish early some quiet self directed time. You could have each student pack a “Me Time” bag at the start of the school year for quiet times. It doesn’t always have to be reading, but it can be.

Time Between

Take A Moment

If you have a second to spare, we promise it will be worth it to watch the TED talk below from Sir Ken Robinson. If the message resonates, then you are in the right place. Let’s connect and talk about how we can change the world together…

Meet Crystal

Doctor, Mom and Advocate for Children's Health and Well Being

My Favorite PT

My name is Crystal and I work hard to make Physical Therapy FUN and engaging. I have been a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy for 12 years (although the kids guess my age to be anywhere from 8 to 80 years old!). My wholistic view on health is centered around providing the tools, resources and sometimes unconventional approaches that will truly impact and improve the lives of everyone around me. I have a wide range of experience and environments including professional athletes, dancers, Broadway performers, hospitals, children’s hospitals, post surgical, manual therapy, schools (of course) and many other settings I have been lucky enough to a part of. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with people like you, and truly changing the world for generations to come.  

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